Sarah Bourke

Sarah Bourke

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Few New Favorites!

A Few New Favorites Found: Dwell on Design, Los Angeles

Although it’s been some time since I last posted, I’ve kept myself busy in the first few fabulous weeks of summer. As I continue to intern with Ecofabulous in San Francisco and Marin County, we’ve spent months and months preparing for this year’s Dwell on Design Exposition, a Home Expo and Design Expo at the Los Angeles Convention Center June 24, 2011 through June 26, 2011. I’ve been here the past three days and it’s insanity over here every day at the Ecofabulous-designed Modern Living Showhouse featuring pieceHomes, The Green Showhouse at Dwell. Thursday was non-stop work from 12:00 pm when I arrived at the LACC to set up until 12:00 am when we finally put the finishing touches on the interior of the house.

Michela O’Connor Abrams, President and Publisher of Dwell Magazine, says of the home, “The MODERN LIVING Showhouse is a fantastic, innovative example of a highly-functional, beautiful, and affordable execution of residential design using reclaimed and sustainable materials. This is what happens when creativity and good design work together for the greater good of the environment.” Zem Joaquin is the good design. Jonathan Davis is the architectural creativity. pieceHomes teamed up with Ecofabulous to create one of the most eco, sustainable, fabulous houses I’ve ever laid eyes on. Ecofabulous also teamed up with the O Organics, as well as the Bright Green lines at Safeway to stock the eco-clad cupboards of the house and the product display tables. An estimated 20,000 people are showing up this weekend here at Dwell on Design, and I’m looking forward to the rest of today as well as tomorrow.

When I landed at LAX Thursday afternoon one of the girls on the Ecofabulous team picked me up, at which point we drove straight to Vons (a branch of Safeway) to clean out the store’s O Organics line for the Modern Living Showhouse. For under $500.00 we managed to purchase almost every single product in the store for the house—Safeway, Vons, and The Pavillion not only carry an entire organic line in each of their stores, but the products are dispersed throughout the entire store on every aisle, accessible to all with a Baby, Toddlers, and Kids line, and cheap! There are hundreds of O Organics products in every Safeway/Vons store in the country, and I highly recommend stopping by one of the grocery stores one day and checking out the products—they’re all 97% organic or more, healthy, and delicious!
We loaded all of the O Organics store-bought items into the Ecofabulous Prius (which was a sight to see!) and headed over to the Los Angeles Convention Center. We unloaded all the groceries, curated the kitchen cabinets and stocked the fridge, and got right to work setting up for opening day less than 24 hours away.

Since I’ve been at the show working 14-hour days, I’ve found a few new favorites here in Los Angeles. The list is long, but take a look—the products are fabulous!

HD Buttercup (San Francisco and Los Angeles)
Sage Vaughn, Artist (Gluten Free Recipes!)
 Peppermint Magazine (Australia)

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