Sarah Bourke

Sarah Bourke

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ECOALF: A Fabulous Hybrid of Environmental Design and High Fashion

Soft sleeping bag meets chic, high fashion computer bag; technological innovation meets sustainability and environmental design. Can you say harmonic coexistence? Hailing from Spain, EcoAlf holds as well-established reputation across Europe and comes to the US with a bright green vision for the future of fashion.

 EcoAlf undertakes the mission of joining innovation, technology, and sustainability in the world of fashion.

EcoAlf products are createdwith materials 100% recycled and 100% recyclable, grounded in the idea that sustainable entities start with the design of the product in fashion. Their non-conformist, innovative vision of an active, multidisciplinary urban lifestyle is both functional as well as trendy. What’s even more? EcoAlf respects the environment! EcoAlf seeks to develop a label through which design, quality, and environmental respect can coexist. As CEO Javier Goyeneche succinctly put it, EcoAlf is an ever-changing “result of continuous thought.”

D&A 2011: Green Room
Look for EcoAlf in July of 2011, with a nation-wide launch with Bloomingdales as well as specialty boutiques. Or, check out our favorite NYC Eco-boutique Kaight for EcoAlf pieces in the store maintenant! They're a huge hit here in the Green Room at D&A in NYC!   

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