Sarah Bourke

Sarah Bourke

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rad, Original, Organic Socks by Rocknsocks

Newsflash! High socks are back, and they’re totally rad!

Misty Reilly, owner and designer of Rocknsocks, brings funky and fashionable eco-friendly socks to boutiques and natural food stores near you! Rocknsocks uses domestic manufacturers to produce the flashy, funky designs. The company uses a green material known as regenerated organic cotton for these sustainable slip-ons.

And, get this: Rocknsocks’ first public appearances? On wagons pulled by tricycles at music festivals! Misty finally took Rocknsocks on the road to Green Festivals, and ever since they’ve become immensely popular all over the US as well as in Canada. 

You can find Rocknsocks in boutiques all across San Francisco! For Marin residents like myself, hop on a bike or walk to Fairfax! Check out Good Earth Natural Foods for Rocknsocks, as well as some delicious healthy food

Check out the website for more information on Rocknsocks. These socks are definitely worth the whopping $13.00 investment! Personally, on a rainy day I rock knee high socks under knee high rainboots for a fun, fashionable look. 

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