Sarah Bourke

Sarah Bourke

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Eco-outfit at Designers & Agents 2011 NYC!

When I landed this internship with Ecouterre and Inhabitat in New York City, I never imagined being able to do the amazing things I've done over the past three days! This post features an eco-outfit I picked out for myself! Jill Fehrenbacher, Founder & CEO of Inhabitat and Ecouterre, asked the Ecouterre girls to go around The Green Room here at Designers & Agents and create an outfit. Little did I know, we'd be modeling shortly thereafter! I spoke with the designers and representatives from each respective "green" label, and learned a little bit about each piece and why it is "eco."

The eco-outfit I picked out consisted of the following garments:

Piece: 100% Brown/Neutral Alpaca sweater
Why it’s Green: This 100% Anja Alpaca sweater is produced in Peru by a local community of Peruvian women. This is a handmade sweater, and it’s not chemically treated—meaning that no chemicals interact with your skin if the sweater is worn for long periods of time! All of the materials used are 100% recyclable, and, finally, part of the sales of this piece go towards an organization called “Millenium Promise” that helps people in impoverished, rural communities worldwide.

·      DesignerThe Batallion
·      Piece: Black Skinny Jeans 

     Why it’s Green: These skinny jeans are made out of a eco-blend of fabric known as “tensil,” and 1% of the gross profit of the company goes towards the planet.

Designer: Koch
Piece: Red Silk Top, Printed Gold Foxes
·            Why it’s Green: This 100% silk top is custom-printed, and it’s US-made.


Why it’s Green: These gorgeous Tailfeather Designs earrings are sustainably crafted in Hawaii. The feathers are ethically sourced, and have naturally shed from the birds during the mating process. The feathers and gems found in the jewelry all come from sustainable sources, and each piece is handmade with love and care.

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